URBANE ISSUE 3  August 2017

We got the dapper Shashi Tharoor, the man who says it like it is, to get candid with us. With vocal pipes set to put anyone to shame, Manasi Scott sizzles on our pages; a woman of beauty, inside and out with the brains to match. Hans Dalal, inspires with his passion for wildlife conservation. Read between the lines with best-selling author Amish Tripathi on mythology and life.

SHIRTS : This season we are all about colourful, exotic prints

PANTS : Different pants for your different moods

BAGS : From patches, to triangles, backpacks have made a comeback and how

ACCESSORIES : Daily must-haves in your bag

WATCHES : Time and tide wait for no man, why should you?

THE PERFECT FIT : The right way to wear your trousers and jacket

IT’S ALL IN THE JEANS : A mixture of rugged and the glamorous grunge look

LEAN AND MEAN : Want to look like your favourite avenger? We’ll show you how

50 SHADES OF GREY : Want to rock that salt n pepper look? Here’s how!

THE MAN BEHIND THE POLITICS : Shashi Tharoor, a man of many words, gets candid about politics, his life and why he doesn’t crave a boy’s night out.

SHOW DOWN : Mercury rising with singer-songwriter-actor Manasi Scott  

THE LAND DOWN UNDER :  Part Deux: Road tripping to the Uluru in the Australian outback, with Siddharth Patankar.

ALL THAT JAZZ: Why is The Piano Man Jazz Club every musician’s go-to?

BREAKFAST IDEAS FOR THE MORNING AFTER : After that romantic evening, it’s time to rock her world with breakfast in bed 

LUUKSE IN THE SKY: South African Airlines offers a taste of Africa in the skies

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