Motorsport India June 2017 Cover

ISSUE #07 MAY-JUN 2017

The battle continues between Hero and TVS Racing as they lock horns first at the India Baja and the Merzouga rally, both prepping up to get ready for the 2018 Dakar. Also looking at the future of racing and how Mahindra is shaping up to be big dogs in the electric business.And more in this issue of Motor Sport India

THE FUTURE, TODAY: GulPanag relates her experience of driving Mahindra’s future racer – the M4Electro

ELECTRICAL EXHILARATION: A look at Mahindra Racing’s achievements in the current season of Formule e

CLASH OF TITANS: The Dakar Challenge heads to India and we get a new Indian Dakar hero

RUMBLING IN THE DESERT: Thar Motorsport hosts a unique TSD rally

AUTOCROSS CHAMPION: AmanpreetAhluwalia becomes India’s first national autocross champion

MOROCCAN MADNESS: The qualifiers for the 2018 Dakar went smoothly for both Hero as well as TVS

RACING GIANTS: Fourth successive season of the Tata T1 Prima races conclude

SIDEWAYS IN THE MOUNTAINS: We bring you all the dope from Arunachal’s annual speed fest